Safeguard Yourself From IRS Liens

Are you in danger of a Tax Lien? It’s not too late.

Secure Your Credit, Keep More of Your Money, by Letting Us Handle Your IRS Lien Problems For You!

If you cannot pay your taxes, the IRS has the right and the ability to establish a lien against your property. This might be your house, your company, anything else that you own, and even assets owned by your spouse. In short, if you owe money to the IRS, the IRS may own you in only a few short steps.

Once you have an IRS tax lien filed against you, the difficulties are endless. The lien will show up on your credit report. Banks won’t want to deal with you because they don’t want the extra hassle of having to work with the IRS to take your money. You won’t be able to get a loan for anything… not house, not car… and the revenue from anything you sell will be taken by the IRS until your lien is paid in full.

The IRS Code also outlines different liens that can be applied for different reasons, and you could be in danger of more than one. There are common-law liens, consensual liens, statutory liens, and special estate liens to name a few.

The good news is – we can handle it. We can handle your IRS Tax Lien problems for you. Contact us today.

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